Tom Holland takes break from social media for mental health. 6 signs you need to unplug.

When is it time to step away from social media like Instagram? We asked experts to weigh in on signs to look for.


I uprooted my life for my boyfriend and he dumped me out of nowhere. What do I do now?

I moved to a new place, got a new job and changed everything for my long-term boyfriend. I was blindsided when he ended things. What now?


A worker in PA had cancer. His company fired him. Now, the company must pay.

A worker in Pennsylvania won a $184,000 settlement for allegedly being fired because his cancer diagnosis put him at greater COVID risk.


Quiet quitting: Employees suffering pandemic burnout say they’ve just stopped working as hard

Quiet quitting: More employees burned out by COVID-era workloads say they’ll do what’s required in their jobs but won’t go above and beyond.


MLB power rankings: Mets, Braves meet again while Phillies surge in roller-coaster NL East

New York and Atlanta play a critical four-game series this week, while the Phillies have taken command of a playoff spot


Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud can become Buckeyes’ best all-time QB by completing trifecta | Opinion

C.J. Stroud can become the first Ohio State QB to complete the trifecta: Beat Michigan, win the Heisman and lead Buckeyes to a national championship.

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